Autumn Berries in Kent Gardens

– Berries and rose hips add another dimension to autumnal and winter days bringing colour and vibrancy into our gardens and countryside.  Not only do they provide beauty but they are also a great source of food for wildlife.  Here are a selection of garden trees and shrubs both deciduous and evergreen to inspire you.   Pyracantha produce berries of different colours ranging from red, orange, yellow and white.  They are rather prickly and so are useful as a boundary hedge to deter any unwelcome guests and they also grow well on a north facing wall or boundary.  Rosa rugosa makes another very useful hedge as it provides more than one season of interest.  Flowers followed by hips and then autumn coloured foliage.

Some Sorbus trees may be used in small/medium gardens as they have delicate, dainty leaves that do not cast too much shade and the beautiful berries add impact and usually enjoyed by the birds.  Crataegus prunifolia is a much larger tree and benefits from being planted in a medium/large garden where its shape and wonderful heavy fruits can be displayed to their full potential.  It also has wonderful autumn colour.

Viburnum opulus is great in any garden as the berries look like jewels and complement their foliage brilliantly.

Berberis sp.

Cotoneaster horizontalis

Cotoneaster sp.

Crateagus prunifolia sp.

Ilex x altaclarensis ‘Golden King’

Pyracantha ‘Orange Glow’

Pyracantha ‘Victory’

Rosa rugosa sp. (hips)

Sorbus sp.

Sorbus sp.

Viburnum opulus sp.