Autumn Foliage Colour

– Wonderful autumnal foliage colours may be seen at Sheffield Park, Uckfield, East Sussex this month and here are just a few to whet the appetite!  (Sheffield Park is a National Trust garden see

The Acers (Maples) are one of the first indicators of just how good the autumn colour is going to be each year and they offer us some brilliant shades of red, orange, yellow and this year is no exception to their stunning beauty.  The Hickory tree is a magnificent tree towering high above those standing underneath and on a sunny day looking up is a must just to see the contrast of the blue sky with the stunning yellow foliage.

The Euonymus alatus has a most unusual colour combination but one that really works in nature – orange and pink lobbed fruits, pink on the outside with orange seeds inside.  This is often called the winged spindle tree as distinct corky wings may be found along the stems.

Nyssa sylvatica is usually later to change colour but when it does it provides wonderful shades of red, gold and yellow.  It is a large tree often found with its feet close to water where it is happiest as it prefers a damp soil.


Sheffield Park

Sheffield Park and Garden

Nyssa sylvatica tree with an Acer palmatum sp. in the foreground

Euonymus alatus (winged spindle tree)

Carya cordiformis (Hickory tree)