Choice of seating areas in large Tunbridge Wells Garden

Choice of seating areas in large Tunbridge Wells Garden gave the client different places to sit throughout the day and evening.  The top terrace had a courtyard feel to it with a decorative high brick wall to the back and side.  There was further seating just outside the French doors and then a large barbeque seating area further down into the garden.  All areas provided different and lovely views of the garden.  A connecting brick path gave access to all paved terraces and this was softened with colourful shrub and herbaceous planting.

When we decided to redesign part of our garden, we were quite clear about the main disparate features, but were struggling to see how to knit them together in a cohesive fashion.

Following our outline brief, Sarah produced a clear and appealing design that fulfilled all the criteria.  On a pratical level, the comprehensive plan drawing significantly eased the 8 week build stage of the project, by providing an unambiguous reference point for both ourselves and our chosen landscaping contractor.

Though not part of the initial discussion, it made sense to continue Sarah’s involvement by contracting her to produce a detailed planting plan, which provides all season interest and colour across the newly landscaped area.  Her role extended to sourcing plants and the actual planting itself.

We’re now very much looking forward to seeing how the plants establish to compliment and complete the hard landscaping effect.

Mr. & Mrs. W Tunbridge Wells