Rejuvenated Overgrown Garden in Sevenoaks, Kent

Rejuvenated overgrown garden in Sevenoaks, Kent was creating a great deal of shade on one side of the garden.  The trees and shrubs were not providing interest and there was a great deal of wasted space.  The bottom of the garden lent itself to a private seating area and the children’s play area required improvement.  The Acer was a focal part of the garden and was retained and surrounded by ground cover plants rather than lawn so making for easier maintenance.  The Client wished to retain the existing path to the side of the garden.

Sarah’s hands-on approach removed a lot of stress from the process, and has enhanced our enjoyment of the finished garden.  As a result our garden is now a very attractive and usable outdoor space where we will enjoy spending time.  We are delighted with the finished result.

Mr. H, Sevenoaks