Small Town Garden Design in Tonbridge

A narrow area enlarged visually by using a circular design and different hard surfaces in this small town garden design in Tonbridge helps create interest and provides space for relaxing and entertaining.

I found Sarah’s suggestion of cutting three circular holes in the fence overlooking the stream very effective.  They complement the circular designs on the ground and open up the garden to the environment beyond.  It gave the garden a different feel when they were put in.

I did not realise how effective the circular fencing, with its arch to add height, would be.  It adds interest and also privacy to the seating area.

The use of different types of paving has created both a feeling of space and interest in what is a small area.  The garden feels like an extension of the house.

In the short time that the plants have been in they have enhanced the area and I look forward with anticipation to watching their growth over the coming seasons.  The garden already “feels” and looks how I had hoped it would.

Ms L, Tonbridge

Garden Design in Lamberth before
Garden Design in Lamberth after