Winter flowering trees and shrubs

–  give a real boost to the long winter days and can also provide wonderful scent.  The following photographs of trees and shrubs were taken at Wakehurst Place near Ardingly, West Sussex ( this month when there was snow on the ground.  Although the temperatures were freezing the warm colours and scents of the winter flowering plants were a joy to behold.

For scent you can not better Hamamelis or Daphne bholua and planting these alongside a path or close to an entrance is an excellent position to really appreciate them.  The crisp shiny leaves and pink single flowers of Camellia japonica brighten up even the darkest corner in winter, they almost look artificial.  The dainty bright yellow flowers of Cornus mas cover the tree and look stunning in a garden.  All these plants prefer an acid soil.

Carpinus betulus pleached tree

Winter flowering tree Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’

Winter flowering tree Hamamelis mollis

Winter flowering shrub Daphne bholua

Winter flowering shrub Daphne bholua var. glacialis

Winter flowering shrub Camellia japonica sp.

Winter flowering tree Cornus mas